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Fade Away
A rainy night and familiarity.
Angst, MSR. Spoiler for the pilot. 10K

Post-"All Souls."
Angst, MSR. Spoiler for "All Souls." 5K

Fallout At Arcadia
Part 1 || Part 2
Mulder and Scully react and reflect.
Angst, UST. Spoilers for "Arcadia." Two parts; 9K

The Family Room
Scully helps Mulder as he tries to learn the truth from his mother.
Angst, UST. Spoiler for "Memento Mori." 40K

Part I || Part II
Scully does a bit of introspection when she gets a cut.
Rated PG-13, Angst, Scully first person, UST. 13K

A different kind of MSR
Angst, MSR. Season Six spoilers. Series.

The Fighters
Mulder and Scully fight, and fight, and fight ...
Angst, UST/MSR. Spoiler for "Redux II." 27K

A Flower
Even in his dreams, Scully is Mulder's comfort.
Angst, UST. No spoilers. 5K

Flowers of Ophelia
Violets are the symbol of faithfulness, rue the symbol of repentance, and daisy the symbol of concealing one's real motives.
Angst, Scully first person, UST/MSR. Spoiler for "Redux II." 13K

Hiding out.
Alternate universe, Angst, UST. General spoilers. 15K

Fountains of Truth
Mulder opts for honesty, Scully decides to be reasonable.
MSR. Spoilers through "Field Trip." 127K

Freedom, Equality, Order
A conversation between Mulder and X on the validity of the Consortium, along with the correctness of their practices.
Angst. 6K

Fresh Wounds
Mulder attempts to explain away certain events that Scully believe to be instances where God is 'speaking, but no one is listening.'
X-File, UST to romance. No spoilers. 48K

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