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"How can you ever be safe, if not in a church?" Mulder asked, 
feeling somehow cheated of some great power.
 UST. No spoilers. 22K

Mulder and Scully go to Graceland.
Humor, MSR, Scully first person. 6K

Email Poetry
Mulder and Scully have a fight, then make up by e-mail.
Angst, MSR. 11K

Emily Dickinson series (WIP)
Part I || Part II || Part III
Mulder and Scully's relationship, defined and growing within Emily Dickinson poems.
UST, Angst. Spoiler for "Arcadia." Ongoing

The Emilys
When the Emily project turns into the Eves, things happen.
Series. Angst, MSR. Nine parts; 287K

The Emissary
(written with DarkStryder)
A 1998 Starbuck Awards winner
They live in a time of mists and shadows and strange shapes, of twilight terrors and midnight madness, where the only rules are resist or serve . . .
Angst, MSR, Alternate universe. Spoilers through "XFFTF." 86K

Grail: The Emissary II
(written with DarkStryder)
They thought they could escape. They were wrong. Captured by their enemies and given new identities, Mulder and Scully are haunted by images of each other. Now, worlds apart, they must put their faith in their new "masters." Perhaps the Aliens haven't completely destroyed the humanity in mankind, and perhaps They aren't that different from us after all.
Angst, MSR, Alternate universe. Spoilers through "XFFTF." 85K

Endangered Species
They survive, together.
Angst, UST. Spoilers for "The Sixth Extinction: Amor Fati." 5K

The End of the Story
A plot twist of a different sort.
Angst, UST. Spoilers for "Milagro." 11K

Ephemera -- a person or thing that only exists or lasts a short transitory time.
Angst, UST, Scully first person. Spoiler for "Memento Mori." 4K

Angst, Mulder variety; a kind of dream reflection.
Angst. Spoilers through "The X-Files: Fight the Future." 6K

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