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The Natural
Baseball in the night.
MSR. Spoilers for "The Unnatural." 9K

Never Again
An ending.
Angst, Mulder/other. Spoiler for "Travelers." 4K

Next Time
There's always a next time ...
 Angst. Spoiler for "Redux II." 4K

Nightmare I
Scully has a nightmare following her first case with Mulder.
 Angst. Spoiler for "Pilot." 3K

Not Enough
Scully tries to reach out to Mulder, but ...
Angst, UST, Scully first person. Spoiler for "Pine Bluff Variant." 5K

Not the Only One
A killer slips in time. Does he take Mulder down the same path?
 X-file, MSR, Angst. No spoilers. 21K

Post-ep talk and comfort.
 Angst, UST. Spoilers for "Orison." 11K

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