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A Mulder-Scully mutual abuse story -- emotional, not physical.
Angst, UST. Spoilers for "Folie A Deux." 4K

These Dreams
Dreams bring the problems between Mulder and Scully into sharp focus.
Angst, UST. Spoiler for "Memento Mori." 7K

They're Green
The question of Mulder's eye color is settled -- or is it?
Humor, UST, Other first person. 4K

This Is Some Time
A switch is flicked.
MSR. Spoiler for "Rain King." 8K

The Thousand Years
When Scully is called, will Mulder find her in time?
Angst, MSR, Character death (kind of). Season Five spoilers. 128K

Through Time
A past lives romp with Mulder and Scully.
Angst, MSR, Alternate universe. Spoiler for "The Field Where I Died." Six parts; 65+K

Scully dreams.
Angst, UST. 6K

Tithonus Dies At Last
Post-ep. Mulder and Scully, at the hospital.
MSR. Spoiler for "Tithonus." 15K

Told You So
What looks like a simple cop-gone-bad case turns into much, much more ...
MSR, Rated R, spoilers into Season Six. 54K

Scully has a nightmare, and Mulder is there for her.
Angst, UST. Spoiler for "The Red and the Black." 7K

Tree of Knowledge
Tree of Life
"The tree of life was also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil . . ." -- Genesis 2:9
 Angst, MSR. Spoilers for "Biogenesis." 13K, 7K

Sometimes, memory is simply unreliable.
Angst, UST. Spoiler for "Monday." 11K

Two Shadows
Two shadows chasing rainbows.
Angst, UST. Spoilers for "The Sixth Extinction: Amor Fati." 12K

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