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If She Lives
It's not what you think. No death, just a little meeting.
Spoiler for "Memento Mori." 5K

I Hurt
Scully is in pain; is Mulder the cure?
Angst, MSR. Spoiler for "Never Again." 4K

I'll Be Around
Mulder offers Scully a comfort, which she finally accepts.
Angst, UST. Spoiler for "Elegy." 8K

I'll Be Waiting For You
Mulder's actions -- or lack thereof -- worry Scully.
Angst, UST, Scully first person. No spoiler. 4K

I'm Not Sure/I'm Sure
Scully finds herself obsessed by Mulder's lips ... and eyes ... and so on ... (grin). 
MSR. No spoilers. Four stories; 13K

The Inquisitor
Scully faces her demons.
Angst, UST, ScullyTorture. Rated R. Spoiler for "Bad Blood." 14K

Scully's mind won't let her sleep.
Angst, UST/MSR. Spoilers for "XFFTF." 9K

The aftermath of a bad day.
Angst, UST/MSR. No spoilers. 5K

I Thought
Scully thinking about Mulder's faults in love.
Angst, MSR. No spoilers. 3K

It's A Wonderful Life
Mulder experiences his own angelic encounter.
Alternate Universe. Angst, MSR. Spoiler for "The Beginning." 51K

It's A Wonderful Life 2: A Christmas Carol
Sequel to "It's A Wonderful Life."
Angst, MSR. Season Five spoilers. 59K

It's Been ...
Mulder ditches Scully and gets hurt because of it, and then they have to make up.
Series. MSR. Spoiler for "XFFTF." Three parts; 46K

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