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A little craziness goes a long way.
Humor, UST. No spoilers. 6K

Passing Time
A difficult case causes angst between the agents.
UST, Angst. No spoilers. 12K

Post-ep, aka GiftFic.
Humor, Angst, Humor, MSR. Spoiler for "How the Ghosts Stole Christmas." 7K

Mulder goes to Diana's bedside and Scully comes too.
MSRish. Spoiler for "The End." 4K

Phone Calls
Scully's take on a series of telephone conversations with Mulder.
Angst, UST, Scully first person. Spoiler for "Max." 7K

Mulder finally profiles Scully.
 MSR, Angst. Spoilers for "Milagro." 17K

A little girl changes Mulder's and Scully's lives.
Series. MSR, angst. Two parts ("Promise?" and "Promise Me"); 150K

Pure Sweet Abandon
Scully loses herself in a moment of pure, sweet abandon.
Angst, UST, Scully first person. Spoiler for "Emily." 3K

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