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Galaxies and Stars
"I observe and contemplate this child of love, made of the same stuff as galaxies and stars. And I know that the only meaning is love." -- Madeline L'Engle, "Two-Part Invention,"
The Crosswicks Journal, Book Four
MSR, Angst. Spoilers through "The Beginning." 110K

The Game
An evening in a motel room
UST. No spoilers. 8K

Get Better
Scully is sick. Mulder takes care of her.
UST. No spoilers. 6K

Mulder and Scully get a look at what could be.
UST. Spoiler for "Home." 6K

Mulder suffers a loss he's not sure he can overcome.
Rated R for language and sensitive material. Angst, Mulder/Scully married. No spoilers. 12K

The cemetery is dark. A child's cry echoes across the tombstones, originating from below the ground. She has been buried alive. Her premature burial opens the coffin on a conspiracy of grave proportions, revealing the machinations of a man who will stop at nothing to create a cure for the black oil virus. Mulder and Scully stumble blindly for answers as the Consortium eliminates its mistakes.
 X-file, UST. Spoilers through "Je Souhaite." 90K
Written for the I Made This Productions Virtual Season Eight
(link goes to non-music site)

Mulder tries to tell Scully, finally ... but this being Mulder ...
Rated R, MSR. Spoiler for "Triangle." 72K

"... for the one who is in you is greater ..."
 Angst, MSR. Spoilers for "Orison." 10K

Greek Tragedy
Mulder's daughter loses her mother, but gains both him and Scully.
Angst, MSR, Alternate universe. No spoilers. 14K

Mulder and Scully try something different.
MSR. Season Six spoilers. 21K

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