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Can't Cry Hard Enough
Mulder and Scully experience ups, downs, and ups.
Angst, MSR. Spoiler for "Memento Mori." 13K

Mulder and Scully find out the exact cost of their lack of trust in each other,
as events alluded to in "The Beginning" come to a raging finale.
Angst, UST, First person. Spoiler for "The Beginning." 22K

A Clean, Well-Lighted Place
Mulder and Scully after "The End."
Angst, UST. Spoiler for "The End." 4K

A violent encounter shatters Scully's world.
Series. Rated R for rape. Angst, MSR, Scully first person. Spoiler for "Redux II." Three parts; 24K

A Cold, Dark Place
When Mulder gets too far into the mind of a killer, Scully must help him escape.
Angst, UST. Spoiler for "Beyond the Sea." 13K

Mulder disappears. Told through the meanings of flowers.
MSR, Angst. Season Six spoilers. 87K

Mulder meets his soul.
Angst, UST. 10K

Angst, Scully first person. 6K

Confusion Sets In
Post-ep for "Dreamland II."
Humor, MSR. Spoilers for "Dreamland II." 9K

Cornfields Are Forever
Scully takes a detour. (No, not like raining sleeping bags detour.)
Angst, MSRish. 27K

Oneida Indian Nation really has received bomb threats, and the FBI is involved in this case. Other than that, all information I sort of fudged on or made up.
Angst, MSR. Season Six spoilers. 126K

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