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Leave The One
Scully can't leave the one she loves ... not even for the other.
Angst, MSR, Scully/other. No spoilers. 6K

Lemon Trees
Mulder and Scully work through difficulties.
Angst, MSR. Spoiler for "Memento Mori." 49K

Live Free
Who knew the end of the world would come 
while they were on a bogus case in Tennessee?
Angst, UST, Colonization. Spoilers for "Requiem." 13K

Lonely Snow Bunny
Snow day and Scully is excited.
 MSR, Scully first person. Spoiler for "Memento Mori." 15K

Long Term Plans
Gibson Praise comes back to haunt Mulder and, especially, Scully.
MSR, Scully first person, Angst. Spoilers for "The X-Files: Fight the Future." 7K

Long Time Coming
What I hoped really didn't happen during "Gethsemane" when Mulder was crying, but had to do a story on.
 Angst, UST, Character death. Spoiler for "Gethsemane." 7K

So, who needs who?
MSR, Angst. Spoiler for "XFFTF." 5K

Lost Colony
Mulder and Scully are thrown back into the X-Files, but this time, more than their jobs could be lost . . . even more than their lives.
Angst, MSR. Spoiler for "Terms of Endearment." 77K

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