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Alien-human hybrids and Mulder's innane willingness to believe. Scully proves herself.
 Angst, MSR. Spoilers for "Biogenesis." 18K

Afternoon Delight
Mulder and Scully work through a rough spot in their relationship.
Angst, Romance, First person. No spoilers. 10K

Alive Alone
Mulder gets depressed over Scully.
Angst, UST, Mulder first person. Spoiler for "The X-Files: Fight the Future." 3K

All In All
Mulder makes what turns out to be a mistake following the events of "The End."
Angst, UST, Mulder first person. Spoiler for "The End." 5K

Ancient Corridors
Horror hits close to home.
X-file, UST, Angst. Season Six spoilers. 73K

Another Point of View
Give it a chance. I can't explain it at the beginning.
 No spoilers. 9K

Archive of Our Failure
Mulder and Scully and another near-miss ...
Angst, UST. No spoilers. 7K

Are You Going To Eat That?
Delusional much?
Humor, MSRish. No spoilers. 6K

Ashes, Ashes
(Written with Nora Katherine)
Waking nightmares haunt Mulder and Scully as they investigate an odd case of alien abductions.
Angst, friendship/UST. Spoiler for "The Red and the Black." 99K

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