A Star Wars novel by Pebbles.

Something dark is patrolling the hallways of the Imperial Palace. Something Luke Skywalker fears could possess the innocent soul of the child growing within his sister Leia. While Han Solo struggles with a latent jealousy that rears its ugly head, Leia searches for an escape from the turmoil her life has become.

Enmity ignites among friends, love corrodes into hostility, and fears come to light as Leia is summoned from across the cosmos to return to a sanctuary moon. There she hopes to forget the harsh realities of her life as Chief of State. There she and Han hope to raise their children in a peaceful, verdant world.

But Leia knows nothing of the darkness that awaits: a darkness that is beckoning her to return, soon to be quickening inside of her; one that will ultimately awaken in a wash of pain, and lead to a reckoning between Darkness and Light.

Part One: Beckoning

Part Two: Quickening

Part Three: Awakening

Part Four: Reckoning

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