Fancy Phone
RATING: R for racy language, implied smut
FIC SPOILERS: Part of the Flights of Fancy Series
SETTING: Sometime in Season Seven, obviously pre-Requiem
CLASS: Very little - okay, how about MSR, Improv, Humor?

Pebbles takes a slight detour from her usual X-Files fare for a novel fit for a princess. Princess Leia that is. Come investigate her foray into the world of Star Wars with her new novel, Exile.

In The Pink
Rated G, but don't hold it against me
Spoilers for Requiem
Classification: vignette

Flights of Fancy

Gateway to the Heart
Rating: G
Spoilers: Maybe Amor Fati, although if you hadn't seen it you wouldn't know it was a spoiler
CATEGORY: UST, DAL, holiday fic

Lord of the Jungle
Rating: PG-13
SUMMARY: Sometimes even the strongest person must let got and let herself be pampered.

Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: One Son
Category: Episode Fill-In, Vignette, UST

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