The Babyfishmouth Dictionary
(updated August 2000)


aieeee:  A cry of distress, pain.  Originated with Shannon as her universal response when the name or works of a certain badfic author came up.

ascared:  Cute for "frightened/appalled/shocked".  Originated with Robbie.

asshold:  Stupid, mean person.  Originally a typo for "asshole", kept in use because of the amusing mental image it conjures.

awwwwwww:  Pity/whining/admiration for something cute.

ay-yep:  Yes.  Also "ayup".

<dancing>:  Very happy.  From Lena, who likes to dance when feeling celebratory.

<dancing like Lena>:  Very happy in a Lena kind of way.  Originated with Paulette and Shannon, who were apparently too dignified to just dance like themselves.

ding:  "I've already heard this story/You've already told us this story".  Originated with Robbie.  Dings can be avoided by informing the general populace "not to ding me" before starting into a story.

egad:  Good grief/holy shit.  Originated with Lena, although a blatant rip-off from FoxTrot.

feh:  Bah, humbug.  Originated with Sharon.

foraging:  Gone in search of food, generally to one's own kitchen.  Originated with Brandon.

jackasshole:  Very mean, stupid person.  Originated with Lena.

mebbe:  Cute for "maybe".

MULDERDICK:  Obvious enough.  Originated with Robbie, in frustrated response to a beta by Paulette and Lena; has since developed into a catch-all phrase for well-made male genitalia and, when used, generally indicates that the user is in a state of high sexual frustration.

MD:  Besides the obvious "Medical Doctor" ("Let me through!  I'm a medical doctor!"), this either refers to "MULDERDICK" or, conversely enough, to "Memorial Day", Brandon and Shannon's big, brilliant mytharc piece that has no smut but is wonderful enough despite that lack.  (See "IN REFERENCE TO OURSELVES")

pastard:  Jerk, jackass, idiot.  Originally a typo for "bastard", Robbie's word of choice when railing against the establishment, men, or AOL.

prolly:  Cute for "probably"

sowwy:  An apology.  Cute for "sorry".

thank fuck:  An expression of relief.  Originated with Robbie, who claims to have brought this little wonder back from Scotland on a previous trip.

wonnerful:  Cute for "wonderful"

wrat pastard:  An even worse jerk, jackass, or idiot.  A derivation of "pastard".  Originated with Brandon, in reference to a Frohike quote.


bubs:  Paulette's two adorable little boys.

felching:  A sexual practice which, according to Fred & Ginger, involves semen and licking and the rest is truly TMI.

FOTC:  Falling Off The Chair.  In reference to laughing so hard you fall off the chair; this may be dressed up with descriptions of typing from your position on the floor, crawling back up onto the chair, etc.

fucking Fred:  From Robbie; a report that Robbie's cat, Fred, has just gone in and out of doors for the thousandth time in five minutes.

FF:  Shorthand for Fucking Fred.

fuckish:  A multi-use adjective.  "Feeling fuckish" means horny.  Applied to someone else, it generally means an attractive, sexy person:  "He's very fuckish."  From Lena, who meant to say puckish one night but it came out wrong in a rather Freudian way.

give me back my brain!:  An exclamation that generally follows up an instance of two people writing the same thing simultaneously, in reference to our vague concept that we all share a brain.  Also, "give me back the brain", "hand it over", etc.

<heart>:  Love, as in, "I <heart> Mulder".  Used in place of a drawing of a heart, an image most often used on bumper stickers and mugs.

I miss you already / I'll call you from the road:  The traditional sign-off for Robbie and Lena.  In reference to the very first scene of When Harry Met Sally.

Labor Day:  In reference to the 1999 BFM trip to Chicago, supposedly to see Lena but actually to go to a baseball game.

pleached:  Bleached, as in "I'm not going gray, I'm getting pleached."  Paulette's typo, down in history.

porch:  In reference to the one and only risque sexual escapade of Lena's career, which mostly took place on a porch.

pull a tulpa out of (your) butt:  Get an answer out of thin air.  In reference to Arcadia and Robbie's disgusted declaration that Mulder had pulled that tulpa out of his butt.  Sometimes shortened to "tulpa-butt".

madlessly:  Helplessly/madly.  From a marvellously ridiculous line in some badfic.

mucking fuggy:  Hot, humid weather.  Originated with Lena, in disgusted comment on Chicago summer weather.

mucking spit:  Utter and complete crap.  Most often used by Paulette when cleaning up her act due to the appearance of the bubs.

Ropobeta:  A fearsome but thorough (and almost always correct) beta by Robbie.  Dreaded by some but desperately clamored for by all, particularly just prior to posting. Also referred to as DeepMassage!Beta, no matter who does it.

sleep is for the weak:  What we say when one of the group is tired and wants to go to bed, thus ending their part in a perfectly good chat.  Considering that we span quite a range of time zones, this is mostly bullshit.

smut ensues:  Exactly what it sounds like.  Used as a summation of sexual events, generally when describing the plot of a fic which others have not read ("She rescues him, he says something dumb, and smut ensues").  Originated with Brandon and Shannon.

so to speak:  Used to put a sexual spin on whatever line came before it.  "Well, I'm not coming."  "So to speak."  Mostly Brandon's fault.

Spock dies:  A teasing way of getting out of revealing the ending to a story that others have not read.  ("What happens next?"  "Spock dies.")  In case you were never a Trekkie or casual Star Trek observer, this is in reference to the surprise ending to Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.  Originated with Brandon, apparently in a fit of cleverness.

TMI:  Too Much Information.  When a person offers up, unrequested, things that we just don't want to know, generally about sex and other bodily functions.  Sometimes this objection even stops the person from volunteering *more* information of this kind.

Watch out for that ottoman:  An exclamation meaning basically the same thing as "give me back my brain!".  Originated with Lena and Robbie, in reference to a conversation in which they both wrote "watch out for that ottoman" at the same time.


Badfic:  Fic that's so awful, it's hysterically funny. A common fanfic phenomenon, badfic was popularized in our group by two specific authors (who shall remain nameless), one just plain painfully bad, and the other famous for being unable to make up her mind on location ("a bar, or cafe, or whatever") and randomly making up words.  Robbie tended to send out choice quotes to the rest of us, who then FOTC.

Ferris:  Ferris Bueller's Day Off.  (See POINT.)

POINT:  An exclamation expected after a member quotes from a commonly referenced movie.  The quote must fit into the flow of the conversation as a reply to something already said, or it will not be given a POINT.  Quotations may be changed slightly in the interests of fitting the quote into the conversation, i.e. changing pronouns, names, etc.  The commonly referenced movies (although XF episodes, of course, count... "I was drugged" is always a favorite), besides FTF, are When Harry Met Sally; Tootsie; Ferris Bueller's Day Off; the Star Wars trilogy, and so on and so forth.   Double points are given if the person does not realize they're using a quote.  POINTs are never tallied; the game is not played to win, but to be clever.  Originated with Robbie and Lena, bonding over commonly shared movie interests.  Common POINT sayings include:  "I'll call you from the road", "*I* care", and "I begged you to get therapy".

The Rhine River in Germany:  Not badfic, but close; "flowing like the Rhine River in Germany", which we found to be so redundantly funny that we quote it often enough to amuse ourselves.

WHMS:  When Harry Met Sally.  (See POINT.)


SoCo:  Southern Comfort, the whiskey of choice for Robbie and Paulette, who convinced Lena to try it.

WTS:  White Trash Special, the drink Robbie creates from SoCo, Sunny D, and 7-Up.

lemon trash:  Lena's version of a WTS, after having very bad results with the original.  Made from lemonade, SoCo, and 7-Up.

muddy buttered Irishman:  Mudslide mix, butterscotch schnapps, and irish cream whiskey (Baileys, if at all possible); Lena's get-drunk-quick drink.

Parrot Bay: Shannon's favorite, coconut-flavored rum, Captain Morgan brand. Also sent to Lena (by Shannon and Robbie) as a most appropriate reward for finally finishing parrotfic.

the Cap'n:  Captain Morgan.  Popular with Shannon, Paulette, and the rest of those southern people.  <g>


100 Ways:  Lena's list of 100 ways to kill Diana Fowley, created after Biogenesis, particularly the bra scene, and written completely on IM.  There were actually more than 100 ways created, but only 100 were recorded...

3FS: The purported first fic of Sharon's that has been 'in the pipeline' since January, or so she claims.  Possibly related to that other mythical creature, the tulpa.

Alt:  "Alternatives", Brandon and Shannon's marvelous MSR smutfest in which the smut is, by definition, imaginative.

babyfishmouth:  The beta/support/social group who use not only AOL IM but send email regularly over the eGroups mailing list of the same name.  Originally a quote from When Harry Met Sally and thus part of the POINT game (see POINT); was raised to group in-joke when several members took out freebie email accounts under that name; Shannon used it as the name for the eGroup and it thus went down into history.

BFM:  Shorthand for "babyfishmouth".

B/W/G:  "Black and White and Gray All Over", Lena's post-Triangle fic.

Fred & Ginger:  Brandon and Shannon, who have been called the "Fred and Ginger of Fanfic".  (Hey, if Mulder and Scully can be Moose & Squirrel, why not?)  Also, in reference to "Fred and Ginger's Smut Classics", their joint effort at a rec page for marvelous smut.

hairfic:  "Hair of the Dog", Brynna and Lena's first joint effort in which they gave Mulder a hangover and a truly bad hair day and then made it up to him by letting Scully wash his hair.

Lexicon:  "The Lexicon of Scully", Robbie's post-Rain King fic.  Very possibly the originator of Kersh-POV, to hysterical effect.

MD:  "Memorial Day", Bran & Shan's big-ass mytharc story.  (Also, short for MULDERDICK.)

MIP:  "Making It Personal", Brandon's series of stories in which he married Mulder and Scully to each other in such a way that all the "personal" stuff came later.

PBB:  Paulette.

PPBB:  The Paulette Perky Bouncing Boobies incident, involving the TMI description of her bubble bath.

Physics:  "Physics 101", Robbie's fic in which she involves Scully with a boyfriend and lets nature take its course...

SNO:  Shannon.

Subtexts:  The "Subtext" series, with stories alternately between Brandon and Trixie, in which the authors operate on the assumption that Mulder and Scully had sex right after Ice and that the world changed after that...

Tebori:  A big-ass casefil by Brandon.

Time:  Brynna's big fic, which Lena has still not read.

the Circle of Three:  Robbie, Lena, and Paulette, who were all by themselves in AOL IM land until one day, Robbie introduced the other two to Brandon and Shannon...

the Club:  A referral to the high percentage of BFM members who have gone without sexual intercourse for a truly ridiculous amount of time.  There are only two goals in this club -- to commiserate, and to get the hell out of the club as soon as possible.

the Den:  The Den of Iniquity, Lena's web page that serves as the home of Robbie, Paulette, and Lena's fic, not to mention some limericks of truly questionable value, the "100 Ways", the "Sexual Olympics", and the "X-Files Alphabet".  Things added to this page are referred to as "up IN the den", not "at" or "on".

the Fancies:  Paulette's occasionally smutty, periodically sappy, angst-filled, humor-spattered and generally wonderful romp through the pagan holidays.

the parrot story:  Lena's seemingly never-ending novel, in reference to its most unusual fine feathered character.  Most often referenced during arguments over content: "There will be NO SMUT in the parrot story!!".  Also referred to as "parrotfic", or, when Lena is in a foul mood over it, "parrot droppings". Miraculously, it is FINISHED, under the final title of "Gutless."

the Spooky Twins:  Brynna and Trixie, who are too much alike for the public safety and rumored to be illegal in several states, particularly California.

the trunk story:  "Truncated", Robbie's brilliant little fic in which Mulder and Scully are trapped together in the trunk of a car.  Alternately, the story about how Robbie, devoted to researching this story, convinced her father to shut her in the trunk of a car and immediately panicked.

the Wonder Twins:  Robbie and Lena, who are too much alike for anything healthy to come of it, and who will soon be wanted by the FBI due to misbehavior in Chicago... and they want the FBI right back.

YV: Shorthand for Yes, Virginia, another of those wacky private mailing lists; BFM members Livia, Robbie and Lena are also YVers.

Xanadu:  Shannon's gorgeous web page.