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Some of you may remember that in my notes on the last update I said I might end up moving halfway across the country. Well, I did. While that probably doesn't excuse a 7-month break between updates, it does explain a bit.

In the course of straightening up files, I discovered that there were a host of stories listed at Fred & Ginger's Smut Classics that I never had archived over here. Thus, I decided to take care of that first, which means that this update is not only LONG but also a veritable smorgasboard of smutty goodness. I'm sure you're all sorry to hear that. ;)

I do have one new story to feature: Lydia Bower's "Intercourse." This is one I should have archived long ago, but better late than never; I'm adding it now because it's a prequel to "Nowhere Special," one of the F&G stories that I've added to The Winners' Circle with this update.


(A warning: If you're unsure what to expect from my recommendations, please jump down to the guidelines at the bottom of this page.)

New to The Winners' Circle

Atonement -- Dorothy Gayle
NC-17, MSR
Mulder has insulted Scully and she is determined to make him pay. 42K

Bound -- Audrey Cooper
NC-17, MSR
A night of passion. 23K

Calliope, Desideration, Erotica -- Audrey Cooper
MSR, NC-17
Surveillance on a lonely night ... leads to action. 9K/4K/14K

Crawl Space -- Gwendolyn
NC-17, MSR, Humor
Mulder and Scully find themselves in a tight spot. 23K

Eyes Shut -- MD1016
In the bathtub. 5K

Flights Of Fancy -- Pebbles
NC-17, MSR, Season Six spoilers
Mulder and Scully, and a year of celebrations. 288K

For the Trees -- Brynna
NC-17, MSR
A nice trip to the forest. Really, I mean that. 12K

Give and Take 01 and 02 -- Terma99
NC-17, MSR

Desert sands, firelight ... Mulder and Scully find inspiration. 14/20K

If He Asked You -- Narida Law
NC-17, MSR
A woman's lover wants a few questions answered. 27K

In The Closet -- Gwendolyn and Dasha K.
NC-17, MSR, Humor
A closet, some smut, a surly man and a morning meeting. 29K

In The Night Season -- Revely
NC-17, MSR, Season Seven spoilers
Desire, she thinks, is the Achilles Heel of Fear. 52K

Incoming and Outgoing -- Jori Remington
NC-17, MSR
Scully takes control of Mulder in an new way for them. Then Mulder tries getting it back. 11K/29K

An Informed Choice -- Karen Rasch
NC-17, MSR, Season Seven spoilers
"What if there was only one choice, and all the other choices were wrong. . . All the choices would then lead to this very moment." 24K

Intercourse by Lydia Bower (external link)
MSR, Season Seven spoilers
A discussion in the dark. 16K

Inversion Layer -- Blackwood
NC-17, MSR, Season Seven spoilers
Agent Scully has an admirer, or two. 30K

Layers -- PD (external link)
NC-17, MSR, Humor
"Smut — thinly veiled as a first person character study." 24K

L'eau Bon -- Dianora
NC-17, MSR, Season Six spoilers
What if Mulder and Scully hadn't found their way to the apartment complex in "Agua Mala"? 19K

The Letter -- Shalimar
NC-17, MSR, Season Four spoilers
In Apison, Tennesse, Scully finds a letter. 60K

Louisiana -- Terma99
NC-17, MSR
Moisture in the air and bath can lead to steam.

Making Waves -- Suzanne Schramm
NC-17, MSR, Season Six spoilers
Mulder and Scully make use of that waterbed.

Metamorphosis -- Annie Sewell-Jennings
NC-17, MSR, Angst, Humor, Season Five spoilers
A photograph of Mulder and Scully together brings Mulder to ask himself a question that he can't answer alone. 80K

Missing -- Alicia K.
NC-17, MSR, Season Six spoilers
What were Mulder and Scully really up to during "Hungry," anyway?

Mulder, Mel, And Me -- Mish
NC-17, MSR, Season Seven spoilers
Birthdays, chocolate, tequila, Tipsy!Scully, Incapacitated!Mulder, Nekkid!Mel, Bogus!UFO's. 40K

Never -- Allison Kinney
NC-17, MSR, Season Five spoilers
Undercover. 50K

Nowhere Special -- Blackwood
NC-17, MSR, Season Seven spoilers
A back seat rendezvous. 42K

Option Three -- Khyber
NC-17, Mulder/Scully UST, Season Five spoilers
Halloween. A little exposed skin, tentative conversation, a bag of candy and a lesson in sharing.

Pandora's Box -- Rachel Anton
NC-17, MSR, Humor, Season Five spoilers
Scully's curiosity gets the better of her. 47K

Perpetual Bliss -- Finn
NC-17, MSR, Angst, Season Six spoilers
Post-ep for "Monday." 53K

Persuasion -- Dreamshaper
NC-17, MSR
"I couldn't stay," I said wearily, barely able to deal with the combination of his touch, his words, my tangled thoughts and a night's worth of memories. "But you haven't lost me." 29K

Post-Climactic Stress -- Lysandra
NC-17, MSR, Humor
Mulder and Scully have a little chat. 9K

Quis Si -- Trixie
NC-17, MSR, Angst, Season Seven spoilers
"She showed me a world where the sky was purple, up was down, black
was white, and you and I spent the last seven years without each other."

Red Letter Day -- Lydia Bower (external link)
NC-17, MSR, Humor, Season Six spoilers

Mulder discovers the hidden benefits of Scully's PMS. 31K

Resolution 2000 -- Dasha K. (external link)
Rated R, MSR, Season Seven spoilers
Scully tries a new way of making New Year's resolutions. 15K

Resolutions -- Jess M.
NC-17, MSR, Season Six spoilers
This has no plot, no redeaming social values, lots of sexy Scrabble and some other games. 72K

Rhapsodic Canvas -- Trixie
NC-17, MSR, Angst, Season Seven spoilers
"He wanted to paint a mural on the blank canvas of their future."

Risking Everything -- Cathleen Faye
NC-17, MSR, Angst, Season Five spoilers
Mulder has risked his relationship with Scully for his assignment in "The Pine Bluff Variant," and as things begin to go bad he fears that he's fast running out of time to set it right again. But Scully has more faith in him than he realizes. 71K

Rumor and Bartering Contentment -- Beduini

NC-17, MSR, Angst, Season Seven spoilers
Turning fledgling physical intimacy into a relationship you can wear every day. 25K/40K

Scent of a Woman -- Terma99

NC-17, MSR, Humor, Season Six spoilers
Our beloved agents bring their flights of fantasy to life. 160K

Scully and the Gap Man -- Alicia K.
NC-17, MSR
Smart-ass smut and general silliness. 41K

Seas -- Punk Maneuverability
Rated R, MSR
A mysterious or fascinating quality or appeal, as of something adventurous, heroic, or strangely beautiful. 6K

Seaside -- Alloway
Rated R, MSR, Angst, Season Four spoilers
Pondering her mortality, Scully takes a lover at a cottage by the sea . . . 19K

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