Yes, I have built yet another collection of eclectic picks -- humor, angst, and everything in between. I will be adding more as I find them, or rediscover them. The newest additions will be added at the top, but otherwise, they are in no particular order. All they have in common is that I adore them all. :)


Some of the lines below contain mature content, possibly deserving of an NC-17 rating. If you are underage or offended by such content, please head somewhere else.

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"Scully." I squeeze her ankles sharply and she freezes. "Don't you dare come on my neck." -- haphazard method, "Sexual Diversity in Chicago"


Whatever happens now, she knows that she was once loved by a man who cried from the sheer joy of being inside her. -- Fialka, "Backstop"

Her throat has precisely the same arch as a well-thrown curve ball. -- MustangSally, "All the Children are Insane"

When they finally pulled apart he kept his mouth close to hers.  "Should we stop and talk about this?" he asked, his fingers traveling over her hair in feathery, random patterns.

"God no," she whispered ... -- Dianora, "L'eau Bon"

My cock wanted her, and I wanted her too. Desk? Sure, fine. Floor? Great, you got it. Pincushion filled with poisonous needles? Spamtastic. I would have fucked her anywhere. -- Annie Sewell-Jennings, "Metamorphosis"

She could be Dana Katherine Scully for a million years and nothing would touch this. -- Punk Maneuverability, "Escape Speed"

And her now-empty hands moved like lightning, grabbing Mulder's black leather jacket and pulling him toward her, which she probably didn't even need to do since he was pulling her toward him at the same time, and all her no kissing thoughts went the way of the apple, crashing to the dusty floor in a big heap of nothingness. -- Lysandra, "Bump in the Night"

She understands these heart-flavored words. -- Amy Seymour, "Heart-Flavored"

Passion can be hell on a girl's wardrobe. -- Alanna, "After"

He could float forever in lush verdant landscape of Scully. He was weightless in the palm of her psyche, limp and helpless as a newborn kitten. -- Ambress, "All the Places"

"We'll quit the FBI and go off and do X-File stuff on our own!  We love each other more than the X-Files and our relatives etc." they wailed, kissing tenderly and doing more eye stuff. -- little man under the stairs, "Black Boxers and Strawberry Hair"

He gave the swing a gentle push and it arced away from him with the ghosts of all those children riding it, came back to tease its wiry surface against his hands.  On the second arc he caught it and shoved, and the stuffed sack flew up, jerking in the air like an executed thief with the hangman's noose gone tight. -- Magdeleine, "Bonemeal"

Carefully, Mulder ran his fingers down the cat's soft back.  It was bony but silky, and oh so alive, and when the cat rubbed its purring cheek sweetly against Mulder's collar bone, he felt as if he had been kicked in the knees. -- Louise Marin, "Deliver Me"


I've never fucked in an elevat--oops, we would make love, a passionate, deep -- Oh, God, I wanna fuck Fox Mulder between floors, bathed in the glow of the red emergency light while horns blow and repairmen bang on the door. -- bugs, "Drop the Ball"

That naked pretzels are in store for us, that uber Scullies will ensue, because with you, I'm home. And at home, I like to be naked. -- Sarah Ellen Parsons, "My Constant Touchstone Who Makes Me A Whole Person"


The popular wisdom is that pregnant women "glow." They've got nothing on a Happy Mulder. -- Wayward, "Care and Feeding"


"Scully." From the way he said her name, she knew she was about to get zinged. "I'm fine."

She was never, ever going to use that phrase again. -- Sarah Segretti, "The Current Temperature in Downtown Washington"


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