Can o' Worms

These totally suck, and we know it.  Blame it on late-night IM chat!  Somehow we got started and couldn't shut up!

In this case, we've assigned the blame instead of giving credit.

There was a young woman named Scully
Whose reputation was unsullied
She took a wrong case
Ended up in the basement
And found her a partner to bully!

<those at fault:  Magdeleine, Lysandra, Pebbles>

There once was an AD named Skinner
Who invited Miss Scully to dinner
They ate and they ate
And cleaned off their plates
And later at home they were sinners.

<this one is Lysandra's fault!>

A one-armed rat-bastard named Krycek
Had a big-ass addiction to Rice Chex.
He lost all his spoons
So he watched some cartoons
And thought that he might turn to bi-sex.

<Magdeleine's fault.  Completely>

There once was a piece of bad fanfic
Which made just about everyone sick
We read it with glee
Then fell to our knees
And thanked God that we didn't write ick!

<All three of our faults, but we blame it on reading too much bad fic!>