Break Away


Scully woke up naked.

She also woke up alone.

The tip of her nose twitched in the chilly air, but the rest of her was warm and comfortable, wrapped snugly beneath blankets and bedspread. Rain still poured outside, and the light from the window had changed little from before she fell asleep, so she had no idea how long she'd been out.

Or for that matter, where the hell Mulder was hiding.

Scully twisted her head, her gaze skimming across the room. Her robe lay over a chair next to the bed, the bag from the previous night's stop at the ubiquitous 24-hour Wal-Mart sitting atop it. An ice bucket sat on the tiny table. The bathroom door was closed, but she could see light shining from under it, so she supposed that's where he was. Showering, maybe.

The very thought sent a bolt of long-repressed desire through her body. Mulder, naked and wet, standing a few feet away.

She frowned. Standing a few feet away, alone. What was wrong with this picture?

Bracing herself, she threw back the covers and dashed for the robe. Goosebumps broke out all over her body in the few seconds it took for her to slip it on and pull it shut. She shivered for a moment, then reached for the bag. She rummaging for the pack of plain white cotton panties and ripped into it.

And stopped.

Really, she thought. Are you expecting to need those any time soon?

Smiling at herself, she crossed to the bathroom door and paused, reconsidering her first inclination -- to slip in and surprise Mulder. Considering the past few days, and the past year, for that matter, sneaking up on him probably wasn't going to be the best idea.

She knocked. "Mulder?"

Muffled, his voice came back. "Scully? You awake already?"

She turned the handle and slipped inside, leaving the door open a crack. "Yes, I'm up," she said, her eyes trained on the shadow of his body through the thin motel shower curtain. As she suspected, he jumped and turned toward the wall at her words, so obviously inside the room. "I'd like a shower, I think."

"Um, I'll be through in a few minutes," he said, and she rolled her eyes. Enough is enough, she thought, yanking off the robe.

"Ready or not, Mulder," she said, pulling the curtain back just far enough to step into the tub.

Startled, he whirled to face her, his erection sliding across her hip as he turned. They each sucked in a deep breath at the contact, their eyes snapping up and their gazes locking.

Holy shit, Scully thought.

It was all she had time to think. Next thing she knew, she was pinned against the warm, wet shower wall with her legs wrapped around Mulder's waist and his mouth sealed to hers. His fingers tangled with hers as he kissed her, and he pressed her hands to the wall above her head, rocking his hips insistently, his cock pressed against her, slick from the water and her own wetness. She felt surrounded by him, enveloped in him, his smell and his feel and his skin everywhere. His hands gripped hers and his tongue wrestled with hers and his cock slid between her legs, hard and hot and so fucking alive ...

She ripped her mouth from his and cried out as much from shock as from pleasure as she came.

He was chuckling softly when she could hear again, his lush mouth dropping little kisses all along her jawline. "Beautiful, Scully," he murmured, still holding her up against the wall, still hard against her. "God, I missed you so much."

She drew in air and found herself laughing a little. "Jesus, Mulder," she said, still a little breathless. "I have no idea where that came from."

He pulled one hand free of hers and pushed her soaked hair back from her face. "I'd say you'd been storing it up, but I don't want to presume," he said, giving her a half-smile.

She lifted an eyebrow and pushed her hips forward, fighting a full-out grin as he let out a groan. "I'd say I wasn't the only one," she said, sliding her newly freed hand down to his hip. "And I'd say we've stored up quite enough, wouldn't you?"

A grin blossomed across his face. "Oh yeah," he said, leaning in for another kiss. "I'd say it's way past time we start lettin' it all hang out."