• Okay, okay, okay. So who am I? Well, I'm Shannon. Remember me? I used to have another author name, but for various reasons, I've switched. I have no plans to change the old stories any time soon, but any new ones I write will be published as Noelle Leithe.
  • Where did the name come from? I simply cobbled it together from family names and an internet search or two. It has no special meaning; I just think it sounds cool. (grin)
  • What kind of stories will you find here? Pretty much anything goes. My writing has always been a bit on the eclectic side, so don't expect that to change. If anything, expect the scope to widen. Though I still am heavily on the MSR side of the fence, of course.
  • How often will stories appear? That all depends on everything from inspiration to time, so I make no promises on that front. I will write and post as often as I am able.
  • Where are my old stories? They're still at Left Field, where they will remain indefinitely, although those pages will no longer be updated. All new stories will appear in Incognito instead. (You can also find my favorites of the stories I've written under all three of my pseudonyms at The Master List.)
  • What's my e-mail address? My old e-mail is still valid, but the published e-mail on all Noelle Leithe stories will be noelleleithe@yahoo.com.


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