Magdeleine: <-- wondering vaguely if there's any porchfic
                shannono: I've read it
                Brandon: LOL!
                Lysandra: Lena, if not, you should write some
                Brandon: Shannon, we should put porch smut into an Alt.  For Lena.
                Lysandra: but there must be smut.
                shannono: we should
                Magdeleine: oooooooh
                shannono: front porch swing at Mrs. Scully's
                Lysandra: And dedicate it to her.
                Brandon: right
                Lysandra: Publicly
                shannono: now THAT'S an alternative
                Brandon: yep
                Lysandra: For the inspiration
                Brandon: while dinner is being prepared
                Magdeleine: <so touched, I'm weepy>
                Brandon: waiting for Bill jr to arrive.
                Lysandra: And dedicate it to Mike too.
                shannono: LOL
                shannono: Act of Idiocy??
                Lysandra: LOL
                Brandon: LOL!
                Magdeleine: LMAO!
                Brandon: Act of Hubris
                shannono: LOL
                Lysandra: Act of Sibling Rivalry
                Brandon: LOL!
                Brandon: only if Bill & Tara were goin' at it in the other porch swing
                Lysandra: LOL
                shannono: LOL
                Lysandra: dueling Scullys
                Magdeleine: egad
                shannono: early morning, I'd say ...
                Brandon: "You think you're hot shit, Bill?  Watch THIS!"
                Lysandra: Mom as judge
                Magdeleine: disguised as an East German judge?
                Lysandra: LMAO over here as this gets sillier and sillier....
                Lysandra: POINT
                Brandon: Mulder & Tara might have to comfort each other before it was
                shannono: *picturing Mrs. Scully holding up posterboard signs with
                                   numbers on them*
                Magdeleine: The Scully Olympics
                Lysandra: LOL!!
                Brandon: LOL!
                Brandon: 6.9, of course
                shannono: of course
                Lysandra: The Porcholympics!
                Magdeleine: musta been the dismount
                Lysandra: Style points
                Brandon: ROFLMAO
                shannono: "Wow! What a dismount!"
                Lysandra: point again
                Brandon: "Look at that giant slalom!"
                Magdeleine: <chuckling>
                shannono: "That's gonna cost 'em, Bob"
                Lysandra: *That's* gotta hurt.
                Brandon: "ooohh....premature ejaculation!  that's gotta be a big
                shannono: "Can she come again? They're going for a new world record!!"
                Lysandra: And......nope, she didn't swallow.  That's a penalty.
                Magdeleine: "Ohhhhh, no, he can't get the condom package open!  That's
                                     gonna take at least a point off..."
                Brandon: now we move into the compulsory part of the exercise....
                Lysandra: I beg all of us to get therapy
                Magdeleine: point
                shannono: "Whoops ... looks like they're gonna be disqualified, Jack"
                Magdeleine: this IS our therapy
                Brandon: and the crowd goes wild!
                Lysandra: And it's so cheap.
                shannono: "Yeah Bob, he just can't keep it up tonight ..."
                Magdeleine: "I don't remember when I've seen a couple this enthusiastic
                                     about the oral preliminaries!"
                shannono: "It's a pressure situation"
                Lysandra: If he blows his wad now, surely he'll be weak in the next round...
                shannono: "They need a 9.9 to bring home the gold ..."
                Brandon: "boy!  talk about your standing broad jump!"
                Magdeleine: <laughing>
                shannono: <--- scaring the neighbors again
                Lysandra: "If he keeps this up much longer, they're definitely going to
                                     have to test him for steroids, Dick."
                Brandon: "The difficulty rating for this position is only 1.5, so
                                     they're going to have to really hit it just right if they want
                                     to stay in contention."
                shannono: "No, wait! They're adding a double-twist!"
                shannono: "I've never seen that done just that way before, Bob!"
                shannono: "This is amazing!"
                Brandon: LOL!
                Lysandra: It's a photo finish!
                Brandon: :)
                Lysandra: (And Shannon prolly has the URL)
                shannono: "Let's check the clock on that last orgasm ... it's neck-and-neck ..."
                Brandon: Remember, angle of penetration is everything with this maneuver.
                shannono: "And the Mulder/Scully team pulls it out!"
                Lysandra: So to speak.
                Brandon: "...and gets it all over the floor."
                shannono: so to speak
                shannono: LOL
                Lysandra: aieeee
                shannono: save this
                shannono: save this chat
                Brandon: email it to PBB.
                shannono: definitely
                Lysandra: I DO NOT give my permission for this to go in The Den.
                shannono: and Sara
                Magdeleine: Oh God, this is so going up in the Den
                Brandon: LOL
                Magdeleine: LOL!
                shannono: no it's not
                Lysandra: It is SO NOT.
                Magdeleine: It is SO.
                shannono: oh, what the hell? okay by me <g>
                Brandon: chickenshits
                Lysandra: Just send it to out little egroup.
                Magdeleine: awwwwwwwwwwwww
                shannono: yeah, send it to babyfishmouth
                shannono: then we'll all have a copy <g>
                Lysandra: I think Erly might enjoy it also.
                Lysandra: <g>
                shannono: LOL
                Magdeleine: who exactly is the pronoun involved in "send it"?  Me?  You?
                Brandon: we could email it to Shannon's mom, too
                Lysandra: And Shannon's mom and gramma.
                shannono: LOL!
                Brandon: LOL
                Brandon: And Lena's mom.
                shannono: Mom would probably appreciate it
                shannono: The Sex Olympics
                Magdeleine: not my mother...
                Lysandra: Thank God my mom's dead; this would kill her.
                shannono: LOL
                Brandon: LOL!
                Magdeleine: LOL
                shannono: <--- slowing sliding down in my chair
                Lysandra: that sounds painful... I think.
                Lysandra: slowing?
                shannono: <--- glad I didn't leave a while ago and miss the Porch Olympics
                Magdeleine: LOL
                shannono: slowly
                shannono: gimme a damn break, it's late
                shannono: <g>
                Lysandra: LOL
                Magdeleine: I think you have a lot of material for an Alt, here...