The X-Files Alphabet
   --by Robbie & Shannon

shannono: A is for Alex
shannono: B is for Byers
shannono: C is for Cancerman
Lysandra: D is for Dana
Lysandra: E is for Ethan who missed his chance
shannono: E is for Eugene
shannono: F is for Frohike
Lysandra: F is covered
Brandon: D is for Diana
shannono: G is for Genderbender
shannono: H is for Holly
shannono: I is for Ice
Lysandra: LOL
Brandon: H is for Holly, who beat up on Skinner
Lysandra: J is for John Fitzgerald Byers
Lysandra: K is for Krycek
Lysandra: L is for LOOOOOVE
shannono: L is for Langly
shannono: M is for Mulder
Lysandra: N Never Again
Lysandra: O is for Oh God! Oh God!
shannono: LOL
Lysandra: From TRATB
shannono: P is for Pendrell
shannono: Q is for QueeQueg
Lysandra: S is for Scully
shannono: R is for Robert Patrick Modell
shannono: T is for Taurus
Lysandra: U is for Universal invariants
shannono: U is for Unsolved
Lysandra: W is for Wetwired
Lysandra: X is for X-Files
shannono: skipped V, hon
Lysandra: d'oh!
Lysandra: U is for UST, BTW
shannono: V is for Vaccinations
shannono: Y is for Young at Heart
shannono: and Z is for Zero Sum
shannono: ;)
Lysandra: yay.
Lysandra:  Now we can sleep easier.
shannono: right